Arm Control Ball Joint mvm 530

Arm Control Ball Joint mvm 530


Ball Joint (Ball Joint to mvm 530) is a part of the type of joints that is widely used in suspension systems to provide the degree of freedom of movement of the mechanism according to its structure, and at the same time, the mechanism has a secure connection. The function of bones is similar to the joints in the body of living organisms. Therefore, it should move smoothly and without sound. The products of this company have been able to significantly increase the quality of its products by choosing the correct material and increasing the dimensional accuracy in the machining of the components. Please note that the stiffness of spherical joints in a car is not a sign of their quality, but these joints wear out in a shorter period of time and the force required to steer the car increases and it will result in unfavorable performance of the car’s suspension system in such a way that the flexibility The suspension system of the car will be destroyed when crossing the unevenness of the road surface, and this will cause impacts to the chassis and body of the car.

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In Ball Joint, according to mvm 530, all products use the best raw materials and micro alloys approved by the standards of the automotive industry and the National Standards Organization. All parts have a guarantee and guarantee of product authenticity from Shaistegan Uloom Khodro company with the Qindex brand.


مشخصات عمومی محصولات
ردیف Name of the Part Material
1 تنه قطعات CK45
2 Ball Pin (heat treated and 100% quality control with advanced equipment and tools) Micro alloy 7035 – 41cr4
3 dust collector CR- Chloroprene rubber
4 Bowl Delrin Polysteel
5 Covering the body parts Galvanized – electrostatic paint
6 Nut Grade 10 – long base – felted bowl – manufactured by European companies


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